Back in 1999 I, Jeremy Duncan, met Phil Craft, Nick Garner and Derek Garner (the latter of who are twins). Because I am several years older than they are, the inside joke that I was their father began. After a few years of hanging out and becoming close friends, we decided to start taking Tuesdays off to hang out, eat lunch, run errands, that sort of thing. It was eventually dubbed "Father and Son Tuesday". Around Nov. 2004 I discovered and was eager to participate. Tuesday's, being our only day off together, I decided to start using the boys to make Film Fight entries. It was a no-brainer to pick Father and Son Tuesday, or F.A.S.T. films for short, as our group name. F.A.S.T. films is especially fitting since we were only giving ourselves one day to film. Other key players were Mandi Coombs, Kyle Hayse, Chris Garner, Suzanna Garner, Benji Bailey, Brent Cone, Matt Stribley, the band LUCIGEN, Adam Stevens, Colin Hayse, Matt Allen, Stephanie Erwin, and Twan. We made our last movie, The Film Fights Dance in the Fall of 2009.